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In March last, year we purchased a bitch from the VENEZE kennels England..
thinking that once she had all the required tests done she would travel over to us.
Covid arrived and all plans changed. 
Finally, after she had been through all the tests 3 times, we thought she would be on her way.
Well, plans changed when she come into season, she was mated and then the rush to get her out here
Thanks to Singapore Airlines, she was booked to come from Heathrow to Christchurch NZ.
The day after she left England, 30th October, once again England went into Lockdown
How lucky we were.
We were just so happy to hear of her safe arrival, of course 10 days quarantine to complete.
The day she finally arrived to much jubilation, and showing that she was clearly in whelp.
On the 20th November, with Kirsten Wylie's K9HQ Christchurch much needed assistance her
litter was born.
The photo shows her the day she arrived at Gavarol.IMG 8791[2]
Yumiko is the 1st German Shepherd in NZ to have the qualification of SVZAP1
certificate from the SV Germany.

SIRE of the puppies is:-
VA English Champion VENEZE VALEN KKL1, IPO3
This will be your once only chance to purchase imported bloodlines from the top 
kennels in Europe.
Apart from the usual Vet check, 1st vaccination, microchip, these puppies will be 
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)tested, and a full DNA report on every puppy.   
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